Monday, March 31, 2014

We Love our Trips to the Park

It has been so nice to enjoy a little warm weather.  Now that Ronnie is walking, our trips to the park are way more fun!  We love any park including Willow Park Zoo!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Update on Ronnie

Ronnie is so much fun and growing so much everyday!  Garrett and I are just amazed at how fast he has grown up and we have loved every minute.  Ronnie is such a sweet little guy!  He has so much fun with Daddy during the day and then loves when Mommy comes home!

 He is such a good eater!  (especially suckers)  He also is so good at sharing.  Whenever he is eating something, he will always offer you a taste! 
 I found some old alphabet magnets for Ronnie to play with in the kitchen while I am making dinner or doing the dishes.  I think he likes taking them off and sliding them under the fridge.
 We call him "Slobber Face" all the time because he is so slobbery! (teething)  Can you see his shirt is just soaked!

Of course he is always getting into things!  Who can get mad at that face?
Whenever Ronnie hears music he always starts to dance and bob his head!  He's got the beat like his Mommy!

He absolutely loves his yellow "Blankie" He can never go to sleep without it.  It is such a comfort for him and I think it is so cute! I'll say "Ronnie, where's your Blankie?" and he will search everywhere until he has found it.
And the new big thing is....He is WALKING!  He is still getting the hang of it, but he is doing so well and mom and dad are so proud!  He is so cute too because he gets so excited!

It is so much fun to watch this little boy grow.  He is not our little baby anymore, but a little boy and we are so blessed to have him.  We love you Ronnie!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Our family stayed at the Little America for our family get-a-way to SLC.  They have the funnest pool and the kids always have the best time.
Ronnie is truly a water bug!  He loves it!

Dinosaur Museum

As part of our family get-a-way to Salt Lake City, we stopped at the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point.  I haven't been there in such a long time and it was so fun to take Ronnie.  Our family had such a good time with all of the kids!

Monday, January 6, 2014

A Wonderful Holiday Weekend!

Where do I begin?  I guess it began one Saturday morning.  With the car all packed up, we said "Goodbye Cache Valley! See you in 2 weeks!"
We were off to Holiday!
Of course Christmas was just wonderful!  Lots of Family and Lots of Food! We have the best family ever and we were so blessed to receive so many wonderful gifts.  The time we spent was the best of all.
 I love Ronnie's face!  He really was happy.  Thank you Grandma for the pillow bed!
 Christmas Morning was the best!  We woke up early and went downstairs to see what Santa brought.  I couldn't resist putting on Ronnie's Santa Hat.
 Looking in Ronnie's Stocking with Daddy!
 Of course Santa brought Ronnie lots of books!
 Then we went over to Garrett's family's house to open presents.
Looking at Ronnie's stocking with Mommy.
 Again, Ronnie really did like his gifts.  I just love how he was always crying.
 We gave Ronnie a walker for Christmas and it was so much fun to see him practice walking.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Week Fun!

We absolutely love going home! (I'm mean like Aurora/Redmond Home).  It is hard to pack everything up and drive 3 1/2 long hours, but being there with all of our wonderful family is the best thing ever!
We had a great dinner with the whole Bosshardt family at Grandma and Grandpa Bosshardt's.  It was so tasty and wonderful to just talk with everyone.
Ronnie enjoyed looking out the window and watching the boys throw around the football.
 Happy Thanksgiving!  As always, I love his face!
 Bree'L has a cute little dog Patsy and she really loves Ronnie!
 Ronnie must have missed the memo of it being a holiday and that mommy could sleep in because he would get up early every day and want to play. 

 The day after Thanksgiving we always go find Christmas trees.  Ronnie looked so cute all bundled up!
 Favorite Aunt Heidi
 Ronnie, his best bud Traeger, and Hallie bug having a snack.
 We found a beautiful tree!

 We always enjoy going home and spending time with family.  We are so thankful for wonderful families and the memories we create together!